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The Impact of Culture on the Perception

Ini hanya sebuah catatan mohon rujuk sumber aslinya The Impact of Culture on the Perception of Employees and Organizational Productivity in Pharmaceutical Industries in Karachi Anjum, Mehmood;Zia, Syed Mohammad;Shamsi, Aamir Firoz;Aziz, Abdul.Global Management Journal for Academic & Corporate Studies3.1(2013): 210-218. Abstract The research was conducted to test the hypotheses that suggested that there is a relationship between thecultureof an organization and its impact on organizational productivity and employees' performance. The study maintains the variables; organizationalcultureaccountable for business efficiency and also gives credit for the enhanced employee job overall performance. Using stratified and simple random sampling technique and survey questionnaire, outcomes were produced that were examined against the possible hypotheses; organizationalculturehas no impact on theperceptionof employee's job performance and organizational productivity. The results recommen…